Scientists are now busting the myth that cannabis adversely affects driving skills, and are in fact suggesting that the marijuana experience may even improve driving skills.

Although there is no doubt that excessive alcohol consumption affects driving skills, scientists cannot actually find any evidence that marijuana use impairs driving skills the same way.

Despite the fact that marijuana affects performance in other ways, it is even suggested that marijuana improves driving skills by reducing the risk taking factor.

Marijuana not to blame for road accidents

steering Scientist Say Cannabis May Improve Driving Skills
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Professor Maclean, director of a road accident study conducted in South Australia took blood samples from people in hospital who had been injured during road accidents. What he found is quite astonishing, and completely against the popular misconception.

He found that marijuana was the second most prevalent drug in the blood after alcohol. However, he found that in those that had marijuana in their system, less than half of them were actually responsible for the car accident. 80% of those sampled that contained alcohol in their systems were judged to be responsible for the accident, and that alcohol was by far the most common drug present in car accident victims.

Researchers going out of their way to make marijuana a problem

cheechchong Scientist Say Cannabis May Improve Driving Skills
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Professor Maclean suggests that the lack of evidence that marijuana was ever detrimental to drivers is not as a result of a lack of effort by researchers. He suggests that enough research and evidence exists to conclude that marijuana is not, in fact, detrimental to driving skills, but authorities constantly try to make marijuana a problem.

Maclean’s research even suggests that a single glass or two glasses of wine may even settle people down. His statistics show that for those whose blood alcohol level was less than .05% and who were sticking to speed limits were actually less likely to be in car crashes than sober people.


 Scientist Say Cannabis May Improve Driving Skills

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 Scientist Say Cannabis May Improve Driving Skills

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