Marijuana jewelry is a great way to carry your favorite herb around with you and make a fashion statement at the same time. All kinds of exquisite, delicate and fashion forward types of marijuana jewelry are now available for cannabis enthusiasts.

You can now buy marijuana trinkets that range anywhere from key chains to earrings, and even matching things for those that are really fashion conscious. So, we have compiled a list of the 10 best pieces of marijuana jewelry we have been able to find. And boys, don’t be deterred from this article, because you could enjoy some of this stuff, too!

1. Marijuana Key Chain

keyring 10 Awesome Examples Of Marijuana Jewelry
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This keychain is a rectangular piece of glass, and inside it contains a real cannabis leaf. Dried and preserved inside this crystal, the leaf is clearly visible. You can never lose your keys with your favorite herb attached to it!

2. THC Molecule Necklace

chemical 10 Awesome Examples Of Marijuana Jewelry
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This gem doesn’t contain any part of the plant itself, but you can still carry around the spirit of this plant around your neck anyhow. The shape of the THC molecule is suspended on a dainty silver chain. This one is probably more suited for the female cannabis enthusiasts out there.

3. The Weed Locket

locket 10 Awesome Examples Of Marijuana Jewelry
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This little treasure is a must for any stoner. If you like to carry your weed around you and have it close by, and I mean really close by, then this is the one – especially if you like to be inconspicuous, too. This tiny little locket can store some small dab dosages or anything else that is super tiny.

4. The Weed Friendship Charm

best buds 10 Awesome Examples Of Marijuana Jewelry
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This one is the kind you buy so that you can share the other half with your favorite stoner friend. They two halves make up a whole marijuana leaf, and on each half is written “Best Buds”. A really cute alternative to the conventional best friend charm made especially for those who love to smoke weed together.

5. Seed and Stem Necklace

seed lockets 10 Awesome Examples Of Marijuana Jewelry
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This pendant is simple and elegant, just like a lot of the pot smokers out there. The pendant itself is made out of resin and comes in different shapes and sizes. Inside are the real seeds and stems of the marijuana plant. It creates a really nice effect for the seeds to be inside the resin and is a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection.

6. Psychedelic Charm Bracelet

mushies 10 Awesome Examples Of Marijuana Jewelry
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This is a spin on the conventional charm bracelet, and instead of having horseshoes and snakes as charms, this one features the marijuana leaf, the mushroom and even smoking paraphernalia. A creative alternative to the conventional charm bracelet, and extremely cute!

7. Cut Coin Pendant

cut coin 10 Awesome Examples Of Marijuana Jewelry
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This pendant has been cut out of an old coin or at least made to look that way. The smiley face shows pot leaves for eyes. It’s even possible to have this necklace made with the gold dollar coin instead of the quarter. In fact, this piece has been exhibited in art galleries around London for its creative flair on marijuana jewelry…. not to mention the statement it makes about the marijuana economy!

8. Weed Beads

beads 10 Awesome Examples Of Marijuana Jewelry
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This product is currently being manufactured in Florida, USA and has quite an interesting story. So the point behind these beads is to use them in conjunction with their corresponding weed strain for a better meditation. Te picture shown pertains to the Black Widow strain of marijuana, and this company has weed beads available for almost all the strains out there. The beads are chosen to display the same characteristics as the buds they represent.

9. The Marijuana Tiara

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This style of tiara comes straight from India, arguably the birthplace of marijuana itself. The headpiece is made out of beads, and attached to the front is a little charm of the marijuana leaf. It dangles sweetly over the forehead and makes for a great piece of festival jewelry.

10. Marijuana Piercing Jewelry

piercing 10 Awesome Examples Of Marijuana Jewelry
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There is more out there than just weed belly rings – there is now all kinds of piercing jewelry that displays this amazing herb. You can now buy weed tongue rings, weed nose rings and well, little buds to put on any of your body piercings.

Do you have any of these? Do you wear cannabis-themed jewelry? Let us know on social media or by commenting below.

 10 Awesome Examples Of Marijuana Jewelry

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 10 Awesome Examples Of Marijuana Jewelry

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