Jean Guy  386x193 Jean Guy

Jean Guy

Born and bred in Canada, Jean Guy is a popular sativa hybrid with a lemony fresh aroma. Recommended for experienced consumers, this strain boasts up to 25% THC.
Loud Dream 386x193 Loud Dream

Loud Dream

Loud Dream is a potent backcross from the legendary hybrid, Blue Dream. This strain is one of the most expensive hybrids on the market. While growing this strain takes some skill, the rewards are bountiful.
Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies 386x193 Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Love Girl Scout Cookies? Thin Mint is a less common but equally impressive phenotype of the famous strain. Featuring around 24% THC, this hybrid is often one of the most potent on the shelf.
The White 386x193 The White

The White

With up to 29% THC, The White is one of the strongest strains in the world. This sleepy indica-dominant hybrid packs a powerful punch, but experienced consumers may love this strain for daytime pain relief.
snoops dream 386x193 Snoops Dream

Snoop’s Dream

Snoop's Dream is an indica-dominant offspring of the famous Blue Dream. Featuring up to 20% THC, this relaxing hybrid bud is an easygoing choice for experienced consumers.
ice wreck 386x193 Ice Wreck

Ice Wreck

Ice Wreck has tested as high as 27.7% THC. This potent hybrid can lean toward the sleepy side, making this strain a great afternoon or evening treat.

Gelato 386x193 Gelato


Gelato is a heavy yet balanced hybrid from the Cookies Family line. True to its heritage, Gelato is quite strong. Don't be surprised to find over 20% THC in this fruity bud.
Chemdawg 4 386x193 Chemdawg 4

Chemdawg 4

Chemdawg 4 is a potent indica-dominant phenotype from the Chemdawg family. This pungent herb inspires creative thinking and produces a deeply relaxing body high.
Sour Dubble 386x193 Sour Dubble

Sour Dubble

Sour Dubble is one of the strains that fawned the legendary Gorilla Glue. With up to 24% THC, this focused and relaxed hybrid is a treasure to come across.
Qwad Dawg 386x193 Qwad Dawg

Qwad Dawg

After a taste of Qwad Dawg, you'll be wanting more. This strain can feature up to 27% THC and has a delicious, ripe fruit aroma. Pick up Qwad Dawg for chronic pain conditions and relief from mental health ailments.
Bluebery Pancakes 386x193 Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes is an indica-dominant hybrid with a one-of-a-kind flavor. No joke, this strain really does taste like syrupy blueberry pancakes.
Oregon Pineapple 386x193 Oregon Pineapple

Oregon Pineapple

Oregon Pineapple will tease you with it's tropical, sweet and sour scent and flavor. A great strain for getting outside, this bud promotes focus and balanced relaxation.

dr who 2 386x193 Dr. Who

Dr. Who

Dr. Who is a potent strain popular in the Pacific Northwest. Featuring up to 23% THC, this slightly indica-dominant bud is a little sleepy, but happy overall.
Black Cherry Soda 386x193 Black Cherry Soda

Black Cherry Soda

Black Cherry Soda is a potent hybrid with some amazingly good looks. Sometimes nearly all purple, this strain features an upbeat high and pleasant berry aroma.
Deadhead OG 386x193 Deadhead OG

Deadhead OG

Deadhead OG is a pungent and earthy herb with up to 20% THC. Popular on the West Coast, this strain is cerebral and focused with a relaxed vibe.
3 Kings 386x193 Three Kings

Three Kings

Three Kings is a powerful hybrid popular in the Pacific Northwest. A cross between three very famous strains, consumers can count on a strong yet deeply pleasurable experience from this tangy bud.