Synergy 800x400 Dixie Synergy Mixed Berry Mints
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Dixie Synergy Mixed Berry Mints

Dixie Synergy Mints by Dixie Elixirs provide an even dose of CBD and THC. Expect a very mild and relaxed experience with these little candies. Though, you'll only be able to find them in Colorado.

Dixie Synergy Mints combine 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC into a blissful berry explosion. Made by Colorado-based Dixie Elixirs, these mints are an easy way to sneak in some cannabinoid therapy. While these treats contain a single dose of 10mg of active cannabinoids each, an entire pack contains 160mg total cannabinoids.

These mints are lab-tested. This means that they are quality controlled and you can count on a consistent dose each time. To get the most from these mints, allow them to completely dissolve underneath your tongue. Expect to wait at least 45 minutes to feel the effects of these sweets.

The CBD/THC combination makes for a very mild, mellow, and calm experience. You won't get a super strong high from these mints. Rather, you'll experience an easy sense of relaxation. Dixie Synergy Mints are a great choice for those new edibles or for those who need cannabis medication but don't like intense psychoactive effects.

Dixie products are available in Colorado, California, Arizona, and Oregon. But for now, Synergy Mints are sold only in Coloradan medical and recreational dispensaries.





Flowering Period


Average Yield

16 mints per pack, each containing 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC.

Outdoor Harvest Date


Average Height


Growing Tips



Aspen, Colorado
Central City, Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Denver, Colorado

Grow Difficulty


Food Pairing

These mints are meant to be eaten on their own. But, the sweet, candy berry taste goes well with some vanilla ice cream, lemonade, sour gummies, and fruit.

May Help

Lack Of Appetite


No Terpene(s) listed

Negative Effect(s)

Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth
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