Sour Kush

In the highest test of Sour Kush, the strain produced over 30% THC. This DNA Genetics creation is a powerful medical strain with relaxing yet clear-headed effects.

Sour Kush is a hybrid with some rockstar genetics. Bred by DNA Genetics, this strain is a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush. The result is a slightly indica-dominant beauty with plenty of crystal trichomes.

Though this strain is not often the most potent bud on dispensary or coffee shop shelves, Sour Kush boasts a heavy coating of THC, averaging between 20 and 26% of the psychoactive. In some tests, this strain has reached up to 30% THC, making it a recommended strain for experienced consumers.

Thanks to the hybrid effects, Sour Kush is a top choice for medical cannabis patients seeking daytime relief. Many use this pungent hybrid for pain and muscle tension relief. Sour Kush is popular among those who experience muscle spasms. While indica strains are typically recommended for the management of physical ailments, Sour Kush provides the physically relaxing body effects without the mental sedation.

The Sour Kush experience is happy and uplifting, allowing consumers to get things done without feeling hazy or unfocused. Many cannabis patients with mental health conditions use Sour Kush for relief from anxiety, depression, and chronic stress.

Sour Kush was formally called Headband but has since been further developed by DNA Genetics.


Pain Relief



Flowering Period

63 days

Average Yield

High: 500-600 g/m2

Outdoor Harvest Date

Early to mid-October

Average Height


Growing Tips

This plant is easy to clone, and will typically root in 8 to 10 days. It is slightly shorter than Sour Diesel plants and less stretched than OG Kush. Sour Kush tends to spread out, producing a canopy. This makes it a great candidate for screen of green (SCROG) techniques. This plant likes moderate amounts of nutrients, however, it is not very sensitive. This makes Sour Kush a great choice for new growers.


Airway Heights, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Spokane, Washington
Tacoma, Washington
San Bernardino, California
Boulder, Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Denver, Colorado
Phoenix, Arizona
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Grow Difficulty


Food Pairing

Sour Kush has a strong, musky forest aroma with hints of acidity. Pair this strain with lemon, black pepper, rosemary, maple syrup, mushrooms, game meats, or grapes.

May Help

Bipolar Disorder
Crohn's Disease
Gastrointestinal Disorder
Lack Of Appetite
Muscle Spasms


Caryophyllene - Pepper
Myrcene - Musk, mango

Negative Effect(s)

Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth
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Delilah Butterfield

Delilah Butterfield is a Pacific Northwest native with a passion for cannabis and natural health. Contact her on Twitter @delilahbfield.
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