Wearable technology may be the future. First came watches, and now there are … hoodies? Just as tech companies are looking to make wearable fashion, some marijuana companies are looking to make wearable vaporizers. Blending everyday fashion with incognito smoking — are clothes you can smoke the future of the marijuana industry? We take a look at two companies who want you to smoke in style.


pink Clothes You Can Smoke
Photo credit: VapRwear

VapRwear wants its customers to “Keep Calm and Vape On.” By reimagining functional fashion, VapRwear offers an all-in-one vapor system that doubles as a hoodie drawstring, making it easy to inhale (though it may look to outsiders like a childish habit). Current hoodie styles offered are for men and women and cost $99, which includes a dlo3 hoodlace tank, two battery sticks and a USB charging port. The fashion line is compatible with oils, waxes, dry herbs and flowers.

white jacket Clothes You Can Smoke
Photo credit: Vaprwear
black jacket Clothes You Can Smoke
Photo credit: Vaprwear

Still perplexed? Here’s a video explaining how these hoodies work:

Hood Horkerz

hood horkerz girl Clothes You Can Smoke
Photo credit: Hood Horkerz

Multiple patents are pending with this clothing distributor, but that won’t slow down Hood Horkerz from selling tons of bright colored sweatshirts with a hoodie drawstring design. Unlike its competitor, Hood Horkerz uses a glass bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. With a variety of designs, you can buy a sweatshirt for about $125. If you’re feeling a bit fancier, Hood Horkerz is also known for creating the world’s first smokable suit—now that adds a whole new meaning to “high” fashion.

Fun Fact: These Two Stores Are Feuding

According to this Buzzfeed article, VapRwear and Hood Horkerz are feuding about their wearable clothing lines. Hood Horkerz has accused VapRwear of stealing its design—though Hood Horkerz uses glass and VapRwear does not—and the two are at an all-out war in interviews and social media. There’s one thing that these two companies can agree on though: wearable weed is the future.

What’s Next?

Though hoodies are an obvious choice for wearable weed consumption (they’re a staple for stoners and lend themselves well to vape technology), we can’t help but think what else will be next! The options for blending weed and tech seem endless. As marijuana legalization spreads to more states, we’re looking forward to seeing what innovation comes along with it. Until then, get yourself a smokable hoodie and let us know what you think!


Header photo credit: Hood Horkerz