When our favorite ice cream store, Ben & Jerry’s announced their intentions to make weed-infused ice cream, it made us hungry for cannabis and ice cream. It also had us thinking—where else can we enjoy cannabis and food together? Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best spots to enjoy cannabis-infused foods (or cannabis-inspired meals) on the West Coast, from Vancouver to Colorado. We can only hope options will continue to pop up as the legalization movement grows.

The Samich Food Truck in the Pacific Northwest

Samich Truck 5 Places to Dine Out and Eat Weed on the West Coast
Photo credit: Fast Company

The “Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness” truck parks itself every weekend—often in different cities, like Denver—to deliver simple, cannabis-infused eats. A venture from the founder of, the Samich truck usually has four marijuana eats on its menu, including a fancy version of peanut butter and jelly, a “Danksgiving” grilled turkey sandwich, a Vietnamese pork bahn mi and Truffle popcorn.

MEGAill in Vancouver, Canada

pizza 5 Places to Dine Out and Eat Weed on the West Coast
Photo credit: Yelp user Eugene M

420 friendly, this pizza joint welcomes anyone who wants to eat a little more than just the pie. Show your medical card to enjoy some “oily” pizza. Down for the experience but not the dank? They serve up a pretty mean pizza pie (sans marijuana) too. Looking for dessert? Check out Mega Chill, a dispensary, dab bar and lounge next door.

Ganja Gourmet in Denver, Colorado

ganja gourmet 5 Places to Dine Out and Eat Weed on the West Coast
Photo credit: Ganja Gourmet

Satisfy that sweet tooth with a trip to Ganja Gourmet in Denver. Serving goodies and treats like cookies, cakes, ice cream and, of course, brownies, you’ll be thrilled to learn that the marijuana is locally grown. You can drop by, sit by the bud bar and enjoy. Not only will you get served a tasty treat, you’ll also be tended by friendly, but more importantly, knowledgeable staff. If you’re left wanting more after your gourmet snack, Ganja Gourmet is also an excellent dispensary in the area.

Hapa Sushi, Colorado

sushi 5 Places to Dine Out and Eat Weed on the West Coast
Photo credit: Hapa Sushi

The finest weed is the newest addition to the dining experience for this sushi chain, with locations in the Denver-Boulder area. The pro-weed restaurant advises the best dinner-and-dope combinations for your munchies cravings, including Pakalolo Shrimp with Pakistani Kush and Katsu Curry with Blue Dream. Enjoy some delicious sushi paired with your favourite bud for a truly unique dinner.


Chebahut 5 Places to Dine Out and Eat Weed on the West Coast
Photo credit: Chebahut

This marijuana-themed sandwich chain is no stranger to pot puns and jokes. Serving dishes called nugs, pinners and blunts, the restaurant believes in the power of the first amendment to say whatever you’d like. The food is delicious and obviously 420 friendly.


If these spots aren’t reason enough for you to leave the house and try something other than your own homemade edibles, we don’t know what will convince you…unless a weed grocery store popped up. And even that idea isn’t that farfetched. Whole Foods has suggested it might carry marijuana or marijuana-infused foods when cannabis becomes more widely legal. With these types of options coming onto the scene, you’ll never be far from consuming some cannabis in your favourite way again.


Header photo credit: Ganja Gourmet