Cannabis has been consumed for thousands of years. For most of that time, very little information was understood about the genetic differences between strains. As the industry was driven underground for so long, it’s only in recent years that research has been able to illuminate nuances in strain varietals, their effects – medicinally and recreationally – and cataloged that information.

Since then, Leafly has emerged at the forefront of the movement, serving as the world’s largest cannabis information resource. Aggregating data on thousands of strains, concentrates, edibles, and topicals, plus hundreds of educational articles, thousands of dispensaries, recreational stores, doctors, and more; it’s the most comprehensive online marijuana database.

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With so many strains on the market, users are left with a lot of questions about which is right for them. Which strains treat which medical conditions? Which strains help me to focus? Which strains help me feel creative? Which strains won’t make me paranoid? How do THC, CBD, and the other cannabinoids impact my body? What are trichomes? What’s the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid? Once I’ve discovered which strain is right for me, where can I get it? Is cannabis legal in my state? How do I get my medical authorization?

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Leafly answers all those questions and more. Each strain listing offers a broad range of details including the strain’s known effects, medical conditions treated, flavors, cannabinoid profiles (THC, CBD, and a whole lot more), growing data, lineages, and user reviews that rank the strain and offer personal insights into its performance. Not only are the reviews immensely helpful in identifying if the strain is right for you, some of them are downright comical. Like this one:

I spent an hour trying to move the TV remote with my mind. It was in my hand.

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Once you locate the perfect strain, you can find where it’s available near you directly from the strain’s page. With thousands of dispensaries, recreational stores (where legal), and Canadian licensed producers, you’re sure to find a place to buy the strain you need. Once you find your dispensary of choice, follow them to receive updates on special offers, new strains, and more!

For cannabis business owners, this presents the perfect solution to connect with new patients and consumers, as well as to maintain communication with your established audience. As menus link to strain pages, keeping an up-to-date menu will help new patients and consumers to find your business. The dispensaries that offer the most to their customers will quickly rise to the top of the Leafly List (URL won’t be live until April 15th), increasing your chance of being seen by our 2 million monthly web users!

Whether you’re a consumer, a medical patient, an industry member, or someone completely new to the industry, Leafly has the tools you need to educate yourself on every facet of the cannabis world. Available on Android and iOS, as well as on the web, you can access Leafly almost anywhere!

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When in doubt, remember: #JustSayKnow