When you’re itching for a great high, the last thing you want to be doing is spending more time than necessary rolling out the perfect joint. Lucky for you, we’ve broken down all the necessary steps to crafting a jay, the quick and easy way—all within 3 minutes.

  1. Before we get started, you’ll need: some bud, joint skins, a thin piece of cardboard, a V-shaped holder, and scissors.


  1. Take your scissors and cut your cardboard into a small rectangular shape—we’ll be using this to make the roach for your joint.


  1. Roll up your cardboard into a tight cylinder. You can slide it across your scissor’s blade first to make it easier to roll.


  1. Next, take your joint skin and fold it down the middle before putting it onto your V-shaped holder, gum side facing you. While any solid surface works, a V-shaped holder will make the job a lot easier.


Rolling Joint How to Roll a Joint in 3 Minutes
Photo credit: Porao via Wiki Public Domain
  1. Put your roach onto the right end of your skin (or left, depending on how what your dominant hand is), and sprinkle your bud along the remaining length of the skin.


  1. Pick up the skin and start rolling it back and forth with your thumb and index finger to get the shorter bit of the skin tucked nicely under your weed. Once you’ve got the shorter end folded up under your joint’s contents, continue rolling until almost hitting the sticky, gum end of the skin.


  1. Moisten the gum and seal your joint by completing the roll. After your joint is sealed, tap it, roach side down, against a hard surface to create some space at the tip of your joint. You can also use a pair of tweezers or something small to pack down your bud a bit.


Joint  How to Roll a Joint in 3 Minutes
Photo credit: Db via Wiki public domain
  1. Twist the tip end, and you’re ready to spark up!


Just in case you need a bit more visual guidance, here’s a quick how-to video to follow along with.


Header photo credit: Prensa 420 via Flickr