Anyone can appreciate a creative and well-orchestrated prank, and when else are you going to be more inspired than after enjoying a few tokes? If you’re running low on prank ideas, take at look at the shenanigans that other fellow stoners have been getting into.

Not What You’d Expect…

weed bag 1024x683 Hilarious Stoner Pranks to Try
Photo credit: tanjila ahmed

If you’re selling to close friends, then consider packing your bag full of grass and garden weeds instead of actual bud. Make sure your bag is rolled up inconspicuously and see how long it takes for your friends to realize they’ve just been duped. This is a prank you’d only want to pull on friends, and make sure to follow up with an actual bag of the good stuff!

Idea courtesy of CaValleySmoker via Grasscity

The Classic Costume Scare

mask 1024x768 Hilarious Stoner Pranks to Try
Photo credit: jon jordan

There’s nothing like a good old scary story to get the blood pumping, especially while smoking a few bowls with friends. With thoughts of monsters, aliens, and axe-murderers already in mind, any major noise or movement should be enough to spook your unsuspecting friends. Excuse yourself discreetly when the moment presents itself and put on your best Halloween mask. Hide in a dark corner (inside the car, behind a door, etc.) and get ready to give your friends the scare of a lifetime.

Idea courtesy of MilkyLumpkinz via Grasscity

Too Little Too Late

clock 1024x683 Hilarious Stoner Pranks to Try
Photo credit: H is for Home

One of the easiest ways to dupe your friends while they’re doped up and in a euphoric state? Change the time on all of their clocks. From alarm clocks to microwave clocks—you want to alter as many as possible to make the time change believable. While it may not sound like a lot, a two or three hour time change is just enough to keep your friend sufficiently confused for at least a little while (long enough to get a laugh out of it hopefully).

Idea courtesy of Jesse5252 via High Ideas

False Advertising

potbrownie 1024x682 Hilarious Stoner Pranks to Try
Photo credit: Larry

If you have a friend who’s relatively new to the joys of weed, serve them up a helping of regular brownies, all the while passing them off as pot brownies (which you should definitely make at some point). Make sure you get some tokes in beforehand so you’ll act believably high while your friend is still “waiting” for the brownie’s effects to kick in. Chances are, they’ll start acting just as high as you since they don’t know any better!


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