If you’ve ever wondered what separates a tried and true stoner veteran from the newbie, then look no further than their joint rolling skills. Forget about spliffs and blunts—the diamond joint is perhaps the best demonstration of joint rolling mastery. Fashioned into the shape of a diamond, this is a joint that promises a high like no other. Start practicing your rolling skills by following the instructions below!

o8Zt0q8 576x1024 How to Roll a Diamond Joint


Step 1: Roll a regular joint (a bit longer than usual if you can), making sure you have a secure and sturdy roach in place.


Step 2: Take a knife or a pair of scissors and cut the joint in half carefully. While cutting down the middle will ensure a nice, symmetrical diamond joint upon completion, you can also cut one half longer than the other — whatever your preference.


Step 3: Roll two more thinner joints using less marijuana than the first. Since you’ll be shaping these into a diamond later on, make sure the mix consistency is even with just enough weed that the joints are bendable.


Step 4: Using your scissors, trim away any excess bits of paper so that the mix is perfectly aligned with the skin’s edge.


Step 5: Cut the gum strips off of 10 pieces of unused rolling paper—you’ll be using these to attach your three joints together.


Step 6: Attach the two thinner joints to the half of your first joint that contains the roach, using about 5 of your gum strips. Make sure everything is airtight to ensure a proper and consistent burn rate when enjoying your finished product.


Step 7: Bend the two thinner joints (carefully) at the middle so that a diamond shape is created where their ends meet. Fasten the two ends to the remaining half of your first (cut) joint with the remaining gum strips. Check to see if everything is secured before attempting to light up!


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