From sensational landscapes, to filtered selfies, to aerials of your last meal — and let’s not forget #catsanddogsofinstagram — no social platform owns the aesthetic quite like Instagram. And for the cannabis enthusiasts, this is no exception. The only issue is finding the right accounts to follow — there is no “one Instagram account to rule them all,” but there are many contenders.

Depending on your preferences, this article will give you exactly what you’re looking for. Some prefer weed-themed memes and funny images, others prefer beautiful high-res close-ups of THC crystals. Whatever floats your marijuana-filled boat, we’ve got an account for you.

Here are our top 10 Marijuana Instagram accounts you need to follow:

10. @weedHumor

weedhumour1 10 Weed Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

@weedHumor is a behemoth when it comes to IG. If you’re looking for a hilarious account that you can relate to almost every time, we suggest a follow. They’ve got you covered with the most hilarious weed memes, photos, and videos. They post about 2-3 times a day for their 500+ thousand followers.

9. @weedstagram420

weedstagram 10 Weed Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

If you’re into different types of strains and cool cannabis paraphernalia, @weedstagram420 is for you. Featuring awesome shots of marijuana as well as some sweet promos, @weedstagram deserves a follow.


marijuana 10 Weed Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow‘s feed mostly features weed videos and gut-wrenchingly funny images, which has helped them break 100k followers. They stay true to their bio which states, “For The Homies That Like The Green, Know What I Mean.” Oh yeah, we know what they mean.

7. @strainhunters

strainhunter 10 Weed Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

@strainhunters search far and wide for the best and most unique strains of marijuana. Seriously, they have spectacular photography mixed with strains you’ve probably never heard of. If you want to be a marijuana aficionado, then we definitely suggest following these guys.

6. @ganja__gram

ganja 10 Weed Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

@ganja__gram posts some dank photos of, well, dank weed. This user has an interesting mix of photography, including images for lovers of cannabis, ganja-girls and weed themed humor. With only 6,500 followers, they are currently flying under the radar — be among the first to discover this follow-worthy account.

5. @therealdank

realdank 10 Weed Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Reppin’ California, @therealdank posts interesting shots of cannabis varieties. If you like creative weed photography, this account for you. Also, he often gives shout outs to other accounts of similar nature. Will the real dank please stand up?

4. @valleyrec420

valley 10 Weed Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

If anyone posts photos of must-see blunts, it’s @valleyrec420. With the most creative rolls ever (an elephant blunt?) and the coolest photos, this account is an art gallery for blunts. The creators make blunts that look like animals, symbols and much more. Check ’em out for some rolling-inspo.

3. @ca_organic

organic 10 Weed Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Another account representing California that posts amazing photos is @ca_organic. Made with surprising detail, their dab art is some of the best we’ve seen.

2. @headyhawaii

head 10 Weed Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

If you love weed paraphernalia (which we know you do) and glass is your thing, then @headyhawaii is for you. With its fluorescent bongs and pipes, this account is sure to add some color to your feed.

1. @maryjaneminded

jane 10 Weed Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

From quotes to weed memes, @maryjaneminded is everything you’d expect it to be. If you’ve got Maryjane on your mind (like us), then you’ll enjoy what this accounts posts.

There you have it! If you want the dopest Instagram feed around, you know who to follow. Is there anyone we’re missing? Let us know!