Everyone has one. Their precious. The holy grail of bongs. The one bong to rule them all. The only issue is keeping it as beautiful as it’s supposed to be. If you want to keep your baby clean, we’ve got some tips for you.

The Supplies

  • Your bong (duh)
  • A sink with running hot water
  • Salt (the coarser the better i.e. Kosher or Rock salt)
  • Rubbing/Isopropyl alcohol (the higher percentage, the better)
  • Paper towel
  • One brush, chop stick, plastic spoon, or paperclip to get into tough areas.
  • Gloves (optional)

The Procedure

floyd Tips for Cleaning Your Favorite Glass Bong
Photo Credit: Rings0fmary

1. Once you have all of your supplies lined up you’re going to want to clear your sink, put on your gloves, and dismantle your bong. That means taking out all removable parts such as the mouthpiece or bowl. Double check. You will be shaking the bong later on in this process and our goal is to not break anything!

2. Once all removable parts are taken off (this is a third reminder) run warm water, that is hot enough to slightly heat the bong and agitate the resin yet reasonable enough for you to put your hands under, through the bong. Fill it up and dump it out once or twice. It is important to ensure that the sink you are using to dump this fluid in is empty so the fluid can go right into the drain.

3. Pour half a cup of salt into the bong through the mouthpiece and a little bit through the stem, followed by half a cup of alcohol in the same fashion.

4. At this point, cover both openings of the bong with your hands (the mouthpiece with your palm and the stem with your thumb), make sure you have a good grip, and shake thoroughly.

5. In order to be most effective, ensure that the alcohol and salt are reaching all curves, corners, and crevices of the bong. You will want to shake until the glass is thoroughly clean and then dump the liquid into your sink with running water.

6. Thoroughly rinse the bong with water — your bong should be looking as good as new!

Removable Pieces

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Now that the bong is clean, it’s time to clean the pieces we removed when we got started. Pour a little bit of salt and alcohol onto each piece and use the tool of your choice (brush, chopstick, q-tip, plastic spoon, or paperclip) to scrub away all of the resin that has been caked on the piece. Once all pieces have been thoroughly scrubbed and all resin is gone, rinse with warm water and your whole set-up is as good as new!

Things to Remember

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Photo credit: rubsta
  • Don’t use dish soap
  • Remember to remove all pieces before beginning to wash
  • The higher concentration of alcohol the better
  • The coarser the salt the better
  • If you aren’t using rubbing or isopropyl alcohol and salt, use designated cleaners you can pick up at head shops
  • Be careful — glass pieces can be slippery and break easily

Use these tips and step-by-steps to keep that glass beauty clean and in one piece.