As marijuana laws and regulations start to change across North America, the allowance, packaging, and marketing of edibles (whether for medicinal or recreational purposes) have become quite sticky.

One of the biggest cases for anti-marijuana activists is the marketing towards children, as well as not being able to know whether the edibles are “special” or not until it’s too late. Accidental ingestion of cannabis accounts to 75% of cases of children ending up in the hospital for marijuana. We know that edibles are great as long as you know how much you are consuming—or that you are even consuming it to begin with.

Here are few examples of what’s happening with the laws around edibles.


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Canada recently went through a big change. Until early June, the only marijuana that could legally be bought and attained was through a federal system—and it could only be dried medical marijuana that had to be smoked. As of June 11th, however, the Canadian Supreme Court overruled the federal government, allowing all methods of consumption whether baked into edibles, extracted and put in lotions, pills, or otherwise.


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As Dixie Elixirs found out over the past two years, edibles and infused drinks are a great market for consumers, but a rough market for the law. In the beginning of 2015, they had to pull a line of one of their best selling products — THC infused drinks — due to changing packing regulations.


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In Washington, they’re working on different kinds of edibles. Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in Seattle is one of the first places to offer cannabis-infused coffee K-cups. Regardless of this innovation, edibles in Washington have had a difficult time. Last year they had to introduce emergency laws requiring excess labeling and removal of anything particularly appealing to children.

We think it’s pretty clear that no matter what side of the debate you are on, children should not be accidentally ingesting marijuana unregulated or in unknown amounts. However, do you think these labeling laws are too harsh? Or are they what we need to avoid edibles attracting little ones? Let us know what you think!


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