Marijuana fear mongers, we’ve got bad news: No, cannabis legalization has not increased adolescent use.

We understand this may disappoint some, and for the rest, we bet you’re hardly even surprised. Why? Because other nations have adopted similar drug policy before — with wild success.

1000 Surprise! US cannabis legalization has not increased underage consumption.
Photo credit: The Guardian

Dr. Deborah Hasin from Columbia University Medical Center provides context:

“Up to now, in the states that passed medical marijuana laws, adolescent marijuana use was already higher than in other states.

Huh. So what you’re saying is, people that are drawn to cannabis are going to be drawn to cannabis regardless of the law … Huh.

As an aside from left field, we’ll note that Jamaican mothers give cannabis to their children for overall health and well-being. Just some food for thought.

To read more on this finding, head on over to the Guardian for the latest.


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