Is the miracle plant too good to be true? More or less, yes.

Just like anything, there are benefits and drawbacks, and cannabis is no different. Also, as is the case with medicine, each person has a unique response depending on their biology. This couldn’t be more true for cannabis, which so intricately interacts with both your mental and physical health.

Charlotte s plants Two Sides to Everything: Cannabis Can Help and Hurt
Photo credit: Coleen Whitfield via Flickr reports that medical marijuana is useful in treating symptoms like chronic pain, muscle spasms, and involuntary movements (this should bring to mind Charlotte’s Web and the herb’s efficacy against severe seizures). However, the report states cannabis is not so useful for nausea and vomiting, common ailments of patients undergoing chemotherapy, struggling with sleep disorders, HIV-related weight loss and Tourette syndrome. It’s also been found to increase the consumers risk for psychosis.

We are eagerly awaiting more studies on the topic, which we expect should be just around the corner given the recent news that the United States has helped ease the process for marijuana research applications.

Here’s to more information in the future!


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