It’s been an interesting month for the cannabis community and it’s time to play catch up. As you buckle into your air-conditioned homes to prepare for the heat of July, spark up a joint and tune into some of our favorite marijuana videos this month. From the funny to the dramatic to the outright infuriating.

A joint a day keeps the doctor away.

68-year-old Catherine Hiller, a mother of three, has been smoking cannabis for all of her adult life. She has said that cannabis enhances her life in a variety of areas including food, sport and even her good looks. Hiller states that more seniors are revisiting marijuana and finding that its benefits add value to their lives too. This video is a testament that you are never too old to try something new.

Crawfish Crackdown.

This video is one for the history books, featuring Rep. Jared Polis (R-CO) standing up for his state’s marijuana laws against John Fleming. Fleming asks for the federal government to crack down on recreational marijuana states, to which Polis asks the representative from Louisiana if they would like it if federal troops were sent in to arrest people for eating fried crawfish. Polis just wants his state of Colorado to be left alone.

 Marijuana unites us all.

As if written into a movie, Jimmy Fallon listens as Snoop Dogg recounts a trip to Amsterdam on 4/20 where he and Willie Nelson get baked and eat KFC. Snoop, Willie Nelson and KFC? A monumental union, indeed.

An offensive crime.

This video takes place on May 27th, 2015 in Santa Ana at the Sky High medical marijuana dispensary. Guns blazing, police enter this dispensary as if they’d gotten a tip that Bin Laden was in town for a smoking holiday. Breaking down two doors that merely could have been opened like any other human door-way system, the police ask all the non-violent offenders to “get on the f*cking ground.” All oblige except the amputee in the wheelchair who was unable to “get on the f*cking ground”—the nerve. After escorting out all the criminal customers, the diligent police from the federal government play some darts, eat some edibles and forget to turn off three of the security cameras. Serve and protect, right?

 C’mon, Canada.

As Canada quickly falls behind in cannabis reform its southern neighbor, Vancouver, British Columbia stands alone in its fight for the legal sale of marijuana. Within the past year, there are more medical marijuana dispensaries in downtown Vancouver than Starbucks’, and with no shortage of demand these businesses are here to stay. This video outlines the trials and tribulations of dispensaries in Vancouver and with the new regulation in Vancouver, we may start to see the buddings of progressive reform in a country that so desperately needs it.

These are just a few of the many marijuana-related stories we’ve seen throughout the month of June. Have any others that are worth sharing? Hit us up!


Featured image Denniro / Shutterstock