The call for nationwide medical marijuana is transitioning from urgent to dire as people continue to die without legal access.

Watch this mom pledge her allegiance to the cause, in loving memory for her son, a veteran who survived three tours in Iraq before losing the battle against PTSD at home where he shot himself in the heart.

The day of his death he had searched for medical marijuana ardently, and not finding any, ingested a lethal amount of alcohol and took his own life.

This story is not unlike that of many other veterans, the most fortunate of them finding renewed life through medical marijuana, and the less unfortunate struggling to survive without it or facing a life behind bars for illegal possession. The latter of which infuriates anyone with a semblance of common sense.

Watch and share this heartfelt call for action to spread awareness of this critically backward situation!

MomCries 1024x570 Mom cries for medical marijuana after son dies from PTSD, I will fight until my last breath.