Unfortunately, smoking weed is not a sport broadcasted on TV. We are sorry if you somehow believed the title meant that. However, what we do have for you is another hilarious LifeAccordingToJimmy video that gives a hilarious skit on what it would be like if smoking weed was indeed a sport.

In this clip, it is hilariously broadcasted from inside “Christian’s Parents’ Garage”. Two announcers or commentators, Mark Enis and Dan Dubin, start off by commentating on the joint and who it was rolled by for the “first smoke sesh of Thursday night.” These commentators perfectly mimic what commentators do for sports actually broadcasted on TV, and it is hilarious since this is obviously about smoking weed as a sport instead.

It is a very clever and well-done video that perfectly shows what it would be like if smoking weed was a sport, and the commentators and actors are on point. The whole video is on point actually.

Hopefully you guys also saw Jimmy Tatro’s hilarious video of “The Worst Weed Dealer Ever”, because Turbo makes an appearance in part one of “The Smoke Sesh Games.” We definitely recommend watching that if you haven’t already!

Sit back, enjoy the video, and maybe even have a little smoke sesh game of your own! We know, we all wish smoking weed was a sport too. Watch part two here!