The issue of marijuana was raised at the most recent CNN debate, and there were some interesting responses from a few of the candidates.

Ben Swann, from the CNN show Reality Check, asked if politicians are hypocrites for being against marijuana, or are they just selling fear to push their own policies. We’ll let you decide.

reality check 01 Are Politicians Selling Fear To Block Marijuana?

It was highlighted by Senator Paul (below left) that many of the ‘rich kids’ who use marijuana are not arrested or incarcerated. Where as people from poorer backgrounds, often African-Americans and Hispanics, end up in jail and / or with a criminal record.

Senator Paul was referring to Jeb Bush’s admission of smoking marijuana in high school.

reality check 02 Are Politicians Selling Fear To Block Marijuana?

Jeb Bush (above right) admitted to smoking marijuana, and put his fellow politicians on the stand by saying they most likely did as well. None admitted to this, of course.

“So 40 years ago I smoked marijuana, and I admit it.”
– Jeb Bush

He went on to say he had no issue with medical marijuana, despite voting against it personally and also campaigning against it by asking Floridians to vote against amendment 2 for the legalization of marijuana in 2014.  The medical marijuana bill in Florida ultimately failed to pass, but only by a small margin.

reality check 03 Are Politicians Selling Fear To Block Marijuana?

Next up, Carly Fiorina piped in saying:

“My husband Frank and I lost a child to drug addiction”

She went on to say:

“We are misleading children when saying taking marijuana is just like having a beer. It’s not”

reality check 04 Are Politicians Selling Fear To Block Marijuana?

Now, we’re not making light of Carly and Frank Fiorina losing a child – that is a pain no parent should ever have to bear.

But despite Carly’s comments, the National Survey On Drug Use & Health actually found that marijuana causes fewer trips to the emergency room than alcohol or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals per one thousand users. So why is Fiorina making incorrect statements?

reality check 05 Are Politicians Selling Fear To Block Marijuana?

The CDC also found that 1 in 10 deaths among working adults can be attributed to alcohol abuse, and 2000 deaths per year from alcohol poisoning.

reality check 06 Are Politicians Selling Fear To Block Marijuana?

In contrast, most experts say there has never been a documented overdose from marijuana in someone who did not have an underlying condition.

reality check 07 Are Politicians Selling Fear To Block Marijuana?

Fiorina said she and her husband buried a child to drug addiction. However, as stated in Fiorina’s own book, it was not marijuana that tragically killed their daughter. It was in fact alcohol addiction, prescription drug abuse, and bulimia.

So while Fiorina technically did not say what drug killed her daughter, the question is, why is she not calling for a ban on prescription drugs as well? Makes you wonder.

reality check 08 Are Politicians Selling Fear To Block Marijuana?

Fiorina’s statements and the policies she supports would rob Americans who would greatly benefit from medical marijuana, such as cannabis oil which is helping thousands of families and improving lives.

So what do you think? Do politicians like Bush, Fiorina, and others who are against marijuana have one set of standard for themselves, and one for others? It certainly appears that way.

To Ben Swann, we salute you for this Reality Check.

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