There are many positives that come along with being an avid cannabis user, but there are certain problems that only other marijuana users would truly understand. These are the marijuana problems that have become a normal occurrence in your life and you’ve come to accept over time, but are still just as frustrating every time they happen.

1. Paranoia

problem paranoia 10 Problems Only Marijuana Users Understand

You’re always thinking everyone is looking at you, or talking about you everywhere you go. Described perfectly in an article in The Guardian as, “excessive fear that other people are trying to harm us”.  If you’re at home, being anxious that someone’s going to show up unannounced (that you haven’t talked to in weeks).

2. Forgetfulness

problem forgetfulness 10 Problems Only Marijuana Users Understand

You instantly lose your memory. You often find yourself walking back and forth because you can’t remember what you had originally wanted to do. Or having an incredible idea one second, but you didn’t say it out loud right away and now it’s gone forever.

3. Running into people you know and trying to act normal

problem public 10 Problems Only Marijuana Users Understand
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But, what IS normal? And if you think you’ve finally figured it out, you end up saying something so stupid and stress over it after the fact and every time you see them later in life.

4. Cottonmouth

problem cottonmouth 10 Problems Only Marijuana Users Understand

Also known as; the pasties, mashed potato mouth, dessert tongue, or cottonmouth. There’s nothing as annoying as an awful case of the pasties, especially when you’re desperate for any sort of liquid. Gum and water are go to necessitates.

5. Running low on your stash

tumblr n4aqbikMwm1sjbr2bo1 500 10 Problems Only Marijuana Users Understand

Constant hookups, or a great dispensary app, are key. Otherwise instant dread sets in wondering how and when you will replenish your stash. Not to mention how slowly time passes while you’re waiting for your hook-up to pull through… are they ever going to get back to you??

6. Leaving the house

problem goout 10 Problems Only Marijuana Users Understand
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Having plans to go out can a prolonged process. How should you dress, what should you bring? And for girls, having to deal with makeup is the absolute worst. As per point 2, multiple trips back to your room to gather the items you forgot is inevitable.  Anyway, why go out when you can just chill on the couch and watch netflix!

7. Dropping ground up weed in the carpet

problem weedcarpet 10 Problems Only Marijuana Users Understand

It’s never a small amount either. If you’re lucky, you’re by yourself so you can take the extra amount of time to find every last piece without looking desperate around your friends. Unless they’re just as dedicated to the rescue, in which case it’s all hands on deck.

8. Going to the grocery store

problem grocery 10 Problems Only Marijuana Users Understand

There are so many people everywhere, how will you ever know what to choose, and that awkward checkout process is always lurking in your mind. The objects that you end up going home with are always so random, but so delicious. Leading to the next problem…

9. Eating too much

problem munchies 10 Problems Only Marijuana Users Understand
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Everything just tastes so good. With recent studies indicating your brain functions in reverse after consuming cannabis, at least you have a great excuse for your case of the munchies. But once the effects have worn off, it’s often followed with inner shame for having no control while stuffing your face.

10. Hanging out with people that aren’t marijuana enthusiasts

problem snob 10 Problems Only Marijuana Users Understand

The whole time you’re wishing so badly you could just light up a joint without being judged beyond belief. The time passes by so slowly, until you can finally escape and really relax.

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