It’s hard to believe that there are cannabis haters out there when you are a marijuana enthusiast, but they do exist. You are probably friends with some haters, work with some, or maybe your parents hate on you for smoking.

The first step in re-educating those who hate cannabis is to understand the reasons that lead them to hating. And then it´s quite a fulfilling process to turn a hater into a lover!

Two kinds of haters

haters box How You Can Re educate Cannabis Haters
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There are two kinds of cannabis haters in this world. One is the person who hates cannabis although they have never smoked before. The other type is the person who has smoked once or twice, had an awful experience, and has hated cannabis ever since.

The ones that hate cannabis although they have never smoked before usually hate it simply because it´s illegal – because all their lives, they have been told it´s wrong. And those that have tried it and still hate it just need some re-education on how to use it.

Give them some light reading

haters reading How You Can Re educate Cannabis Haters
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If the person hating on you is a parent or colleague, or someone who has never tried marijuana before, the best thing to do is give them some positive reading material. These haters have only ever been exposed to the sources of information that say marijuana is bad. They have never bothered to source the research that implies marijuana’s health benefits.

Expect some cognitive dissonance at first – but the more reliable information you provide them about the benefits of marijuana, the more they’ll come around. Haters in this category respond to scientific evidence because they can’t debate it.

The Weed VS Alcohol argument

haters alcohol How You Can Re educate Cannabis Haters

This is a good one to bring up to your friend that is a cannabis hater, but is on the booze every night. An alcoholic who hates on cannabis is a good person to re-educate. Remind them that there is no fundamental difference between wanting a glass of wine before bed and wanting to smoke a joint before bed. Everyone has their way to relax after a stressful day of life and there should be no judgment about what we choose.

Remind them that for the alcohol they drink to make it into the bottle, a lot of stuff has to happen to it. But marijuana just has to be picked from the ground, dried and smoked. It doesn’t have to be refined the way alcohol does. So marijuana is arguably more natural than alcohol. There is a lot of research online about the effects of alcohol on the body, and the same goes for marijuana. Expose the haters to this research and maybe they will change their minds.

They think weed makes people lazy and crazy

haters reefer How You Can Re educate Cannabis Haters
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The two types of haters fit into this category. If you have a friend who smoked once and became really paranoid, chances are they think marijuana will make them crazy. By the same token, if you have a family member who has never smoked, they also probably think marijuana will make them crazy.

Haters think that all cannabis smokers are lazy, pot smoking video game players. They always talk about that one person who smoked too much and lost their job. Or the person who smoked too much and lost their mind.

Well, these haters are pretty easy to re-educate. All you have to do is present yourself as a smoker with a successful life and a balanced mind. Don´t shy away from the way that marijuana has helped you become more productive.

Crazy people are crazy before they smoke marijuana and lazy people are lazy before they smoke marijuana. These two factors aren’t linked to the plant itself, but to the person smoking it.

Give them a good space to experiment

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This is an important one. Maybe someone is hating because they are actually afraid to try it. Maybe they have tried it and have had a really awful experience. If you really love the person and want to share the beautiful experience that cannabis is, provide them with a loving, comfortable space to try it. Smoke a joint with them. Laugh and listen to some music. Remind them how good it feels to smoke and relax!

Don’t hide in the closet

haters proud How You Can Re educate Cannabis Haters

This is probably the best advice for all the smokers out there dealing with marijuana hate. Be proud, be strong and be yourself. There is no shame in admitting that you use marijuana for your productivity, for relaxation and for a better life. If you lead by example, that is the most effective re-education. If you smoke weed, are hard working and have a balanced mind, you are already standing up to the hate. Anyone who continues to hate after that is just jealous that they don´t have the same connection with Mary Jane that you do.

There’s nothing to it but this, haters:

We work.

We pay tax.

We smoke weed.

We are not criminals.

Enough said!

Do you have any tips to re-educate the haters? Let us know on social media!