If you don´t know how to roll a joint, it´s OK, because companies like RAW and ZIG ZAG make rolling machines for those of us who are rolling impaired. For those who haven’t tried, or haven’t quite mastered it, we’re going to teach you how to roll a joint with a rolling machine.

First of all, you´re going to need some supplies. Make sure you have handy a bag of your best weed (of course..), a grinder, regular gummed papers, filter tips and your rolling machine. The size of your papers will depend on the size of your rolling machine, but most rolling machines are 3 inches / 79 mm  long (the size of a regular paper).

1. Grind it up and put it in!

rollling machine grind How To Roll A Joint With A Rolling Machine
Photo credit: Mochi227

The first step is to grind up your weed and put it inside the rolling machine. Pack it in neatly and put in as much as you like. Just make sure it´s even across the way so that your joint comes out even. Also, leave enough space at the end to put a filter tip. If you don´t usually use filters, then you can pack it all the way in!

Put a sheet of paper underneath in case of any spillage!

2. Put in a filter… or don´t put in a filter

rollling machine filter How To Roll A Joint With A Rolling Machine
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If you like your joints with a filter tip, make one out of some appropriate material or use a packet of tips. Roll it up so that it matches the thickness of your joint, so that your joint doesn´t end up uneven.

3. Close and roll

rollling machine zigzag How To Roll A Joint With A Rolling Machine
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Close the machine and turn both rollers towards you. Make sure you´re holding the plastic down taut so that everything packs in tightly and doesn´t fall out. Then put your regular sized paper in the machine, with the gummed edge at the top and facing you. Turn both rollers towards you the same way you did before until most of the paper is inside the machine. But don´t let the gummed edge go down until you have licked it!

So now lick the gummed edge and keep turning the rollers towards you until the paper is fully inside the machine. Turn the rollers a couple more times for good measure.

4. Then smoke dat!

rollling machine snoop How To Roll A Joint With A Rolling Machine
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Open the machine and voila! You have a perfectly rolled joint. Or maybe you don´t if it´s the first time. That´s ok, just keep practicing!

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