Choosing a costume for Halloween can often be a last minute thing. If you haven’t decided on a costume and want to really embrace your inner stoner, we’ve got you covered with these weed-related Halloween costumes.

1. Cheech & Chong

halloween cheech 10 Weed Halloween Costume Ideas
Photo credit: AZ Central

This year you and your best bud can dress as the famous stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong. With a good set of moustache and beards, a couple red bandanas or fedora, a pair of round glasses, some classic 70’s clothing, and a couple big doobies and you two dudes are ready for the party.

2. Pot Brownie

halloween brownie 10 Weed Halloween Costume Ideas
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

This is a pretty ‘punny’ and simple do-it-yourself costume, consisting of a brown sash, brown skirt, and some great home-made weed related badges. You’re in luck if you have an old Brownie sash laying around, you can re-jig it and accurately earn that forestry badge!

3. Activist

halloween activist 10 Weed Halloween Costume Ideas
Photo credit: City Lab

Embrace your inner fighter advocating for legalization and wear your heart on your sleeve for the night. Any sort of outfit will do, going from a 70’s hippie outfit to a more modern day outfit, fix yourself a sign with a clever catch-phrase and you are good to go!

4. Blunt/Bong

halloween blunt bong 10 Weed Halloween Costume Ideas
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Give honor to your favorite smoking means by dressing as a blunt or bong for the night. Either embrace your inner Martha Stewart and get your crafting in full force, or you better hope that you can find one of these great costumes to ship this week!

5. Bag of weed

halloween bag o weed 10 Weed Halloween Costume Ideas
Photo credit: HighTimes

Who doesn’t love a big bag of weed? Put a smile on everyone’s faces this Hallows-eve as you strut your stuff dressed as a bag of weed the size you dream about!

6. Captain Cannabis

halloween captain 10 Weed Halloween Costume Ideas
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Although this superhero may not have the quickest reflexes, you can be almost certain that you’ll have a lasting laughing-effect on your friends when you share your superhero powers

7. Towelie

halloween towlie 10 Weed Halloween Costume Ideas
Photo credit: College Humor

This RG-400 Smart Towel is everyone’s most lovable linen, and can be your costume with a very simple art project. By repeating your one catch phrase; “don’t forget to bring your towel”, consuming cannabis and just sort of wandering off, you’ll play the role perfectly. Okama GamSphere not included.

8. Workaholics

halloween workaholics 10 Weed Halloween Costume Ideas
Photo credit: AWL Network

Grab a couple of your friends and do your best acting like the hilarious stoner-telemarketers Blake, Adam and Anders from Workaholics! Refrain from pulling some of the stunts these guys get up to, or you most likely won’t be invited back next year.

9. Broad City

halloween abbi 10 Weed Halloween Costume Ideas
Photo credit: Vice

This incredibly hysterical duo would be a hit at any party, and if your friends don’t know who Abbi and Ilana are, they’ll thank you later. Abbi: Prep a black “Cleaner” tee, grab some Bed, Bath & Beyond bags and coupons! Ilana: Poof that hair, drop some “Yas Queens’s” and hide your stash in that nature’s pocket. Stay in character and the two of you are in for a hell of a night!

10. Zig Zag Man

halloween zigzag 10 Weed Halloween Costume Ideas
Photo credit: Buzzfeed

If you already have the beard, grab a red toque, swoop tank, sweater and a joint and you’re all set. Bring a pack of Zig Zag’s for comparisons when questioned. If you really want to be a hit, stock up on enough Zig Zag’s for all your friends and give them the most useful treat they’ll ever receive.

Classic Stoner

halloween you 10 Weed Halloween Costume Ideas

When the truth is that you’ve actually forgotten you were supposed to dress up, take credit for your mishap by going as yourself, the “Classic Stoner”.

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