The brainchild of VAPRWEAR has done it again! Today Elvis “Papi” Edwards introduces his newest invention DOPEBALL.

VAPRWEAR inventor Elvis “Papi” Edwards enjoying his portable vape apparel.

dopeball elvis Dopeball   The Newest Way To Stash Your Gear And Have Fun!

VAPRWEAR’s philosophy brings “portable vape apparel” to smokers concerned with being discreet while they enjoy vapors of the finest marijuana flowers, concentrates, oils, and E-cig oils. Combining fashion and vaporizing, VAPRWEAR hoodies are the only hoodies on the market that allow you to look fly while staying high.

Inventor of the VAPRWEAR hoodies, Elvis “Papi” Edwards is motivated by his passion to make life easier for everyone. The hoodies seemed like a practical solution to the complications he had when trying to carry marijuana, a vape pen, E-cig supplies, and other gear while on the ski slopes of Colorado – but how could he combine smoking and portability with summer sports? The answer: DOPEBALL.

dopeball football Dopeball   The Newest Way To Stash Your Gear And Have Fun!

DOPEBALL uses any athletic ball you can think of to create a portable and discreet storage container for your marijuana, glass pipes, vaporizing system, E-cig accessories, and any valuables you want to discreetly keep safe while on the go.

If you are headed to the park to throw the football, do not forget your DOPEBALL.

The protective inside of DOPEBALL

dopeball inside Dopeball   The Newest Way To Stash Your Gear And Have Fun!

Fitted with a heavy-duty zipper, DOPEBALL unzips to reveal a cushy foam center custom designed with slots to protect your smoking gear and other valuables. Even better, when zipped shut, DOPEBALL can be used like any normal ball. Discreetly throw a football shaped DOPEBALL across the field to your buddies and they will open it for a truly dope surprise.

DOPEBALL will be available for purchase by Christmas, here for between $50-$100 depending on the model(s) you choose. DOPEBALL will initially be sold without smoking accessories. By early next year you will be able to purchase customized glass, vaporizers, and containers to compliment your favorite DOPEBALL model.

With the addition of DOPEBALL, Elvis “Papi” Edwards has brought us one step closer to living a stylish and functional smoking lifestyle. The only question is – What will Elvis bring us next?

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