Sarah Silverman is a self-proclaimed stoner in the face of Hollywood, the stoner queen of the celeb world if you will. Silverman recently went on Conan to talk about the times that she got high with her parents.

Although Silverman isn’t a stoner in the traditional sense of the word, she openly supports its use and loves to get on it every now and then. She tells the time she smoked a bong with her dad, and the time she gives her step-mother an edible at a bar-mitzvah in Massachusetts.

Sarah’s dad can rip a bong better than she can

sarah conan Sarah Silverman Gets High With Her Parents
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Actually, Sarah Silverman admits in this video that she “doesn’t smoke bongs because [she’s] a grown woman!”. But nonetheless, her friend, Jeffery Ross brings a bong over to her house one day, where she happens to be hanging out with her dad.

She said she was so terrified watching him take that hit, because she was trying to warn him that weed is stronger now than it was those days. But he took a giant hit, and in fact, she said he enjoyed the fact that he was terrified. All he had to say to her was “Sarah, I’m certain I can fly!”.

What kind of daughter drugs their mom?

Well, maybe drugged is a little of an overstatement, but Silverman was the one who handed her step-mother the edible that made her believe that she could “smell colors”. Silverman’s stepmother, Janice, felt she had to explain people at the recent bar-mitzvah that she could “feel her clothes”, because she was afraid people would see straight through them.

Don’t you just really want to get high with your parents?

sarah sarah Sarah Silverman Gets High With Her Parents
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Sarah Silverman apparently seems to know what’s up in terms of finding some good quality edibles around Massachusetts. She’s definitely an icon for marijuana lovers, being so open about it in Hollywood. And all of us who have been dying to smoke a joint with our parents for decades can at least live vicariously through her!

And as if getting high with your parents isn’t cool enough, she gets to talk about it on live TV!