Marijuana smokers are an innately happy group of people. But of course like anyone else we could always be happier. So, here is our list of the things that make stoners happiest. Take a look and see if some of these will brighten your day.

1. Happiness starts with M

cbd bud 12 Things That Make All Stoners Happy
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Marijuana of course! The number one thing that makes a stoner happy is having a nice stash of his/her favorite marijuana. Whether you have one strain that makes you happiest or you enjoy trying new ones, happiness starts here.

2. Gummy Bears

stoner gummy 12 Things That Make All Stoners Happy

Munchies come in all shapes and sizes, but when I ask my stoner friends what makes them happiest after smoking, they reply GUMMIES! Medicated gummies, regular gummies who cares. Those little guys rock!

3. Live Music

stoner music 12 Things That Make All Stoners Happy
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Stoners are often happiest when they find themselves lost in a trance of live music by their favorite performer. There is just something about feeling and seeing every chord of music. You might say this is the stoner’s natural habitat.

4. Comfortable Furniture

stoner lazyboy 12 Things That Make All Stoners Happy

Sometimes the stoner needs a rest, especially after a night at a concert. Coming home to your favorite couch or chair will make anyone happy. Just don’t get between a sleepy stoner and his Lay-Z-Boy, if you do, and he begins to exhale smoke, don’t mistake it for marijuana smoke – he is turning into a dragon that will breathe fire in protest.

5. Great Movies

stoner movies 12 Things That Make All Stoners Happy

A stoner’s best friend might be Netflix. Dive into your comfy couch and turn on one of your favorite movies. Smoke, before, during, and after the film—the result is bliss.

6. Bongs, Bowls, and Blunts

stoner bongs 12 Things That Make All Stoners Happy
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Many of the stoners I know pride themselves on their collections of glass. Nothing makes us happier than showing off and using our favorite bongs and bowls. But of course if you don’t have a glass collection, you might find happiness in rolling the best blunts in your group.

7. Gaming

Sometimes stoners just want to get lost in their favorite video game. Getting blazed and entering the virtual world of gaming will bring a smile to the stoners face.

8. Adding a little extra oomph to your smoke

weed dab 12 Things That Make All Stoners Happy

Getting high is somewhat of a sport to the seasoned stoner. Experimenting with new combinations marijuana products is fun. Put some concentrate on top of a bowl of your favorite flower to reach new levels of happiness.

9. Friends

10 facts friends 12 Things That Make All Stoners Happy

Stoners love to enjoy the company of others. Some of the happiest stoners will be found among a group of their best friends while enjoying the herb.

10. Tasty beverages

edibles mirth 12 Things That Make All Stoners Happy
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Cottonmouth makes a stoner frown, but nothing will turn that frown upside down like a refreshing beverage to wash down that smoky goodness. Hey we even have marijuana-infused beverages now, quench your thirst, smile, and take your high to the next level.

11. Grinders

stoner grinders 12 Things That Make All Stoners Happy
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Grinders help stoners quickly chop up their weed and they also keep the fingers clear of sticky resin. A sharp ready to go grinder will save you time and get you to your happy place in no time.

12. Free Weed

benefits feature 12 Things That Make All Stoners Happy

If you ask a stoner what he would rather receive – $20 of free weed or just $20 – he/she will almost always pick the free weed. There is just something satisfying about scoring free weed, even if you could’ve paid for it.

What would you add to this list? Let us know!