The latest Canadian study has revealed that cannabis is taking over the use of pills and booze. The study shows that over 470 people that participated said that they were choosing marijuana over prescription drugs because it is less addictive.

This study makes an anomaly of the concept that marijuana is a gateway drug, showing that in fact people use it as a means to escape from drug and alcohol use. Studies over the years have shown the adverse health effects of alcohol and prescription drugs, and marijuana is slowly taking over that market.

Using weed as a substitute for drugs

taking over joint Pills And Booze Are Out   Cannabis Is Taking Over
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According to the University of British Colombia in Canada, this is the largest medical cannabis study to date. The study says that most medical marijuana users are substituting prescription pills for marijuana.

“Our study shows that more than 80 per cent of medicinal cannabis users reported substituting cannabis for prescription drugs including opiate pain killers,” says UBC Okanagan Associate Professor Zach Walsh.

Walsh also says that focusing on cannabis use alone and its health effects doesn’t paint the whole picture. He says that when looking at the health effects of medical cannabis use compared to prescription drug use, the evidence is clear that drug and alcohol use is more dangerous.

Marijuana is not a gateway drug

taking over gateway Pills And Booze Are Out   Cannabis Is Taking Over
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The authors of this study say that the results make a mystery of the notion that marijuana is a gateway drug. In fact, the study suggests that marijuana is having the adverse effect. More and more cannabis users are reporting that their use is an attempt to stop using more dangerous substances.

For those who are using prescription pain killers, it is not surprising that they are making the change to medical marijuana. It is safer on the body and it is extremely effective at treating a range of health conditions.

The lead author of the publication, Lucas, VP of Patient Research and Services for Tilray, says,

“While cannabis use can certainly be problematic for some individuals, these findings highlight the potential of cannabis to be an ‘exit drug’ to addiction rather than a gateway drug,”

It is not surprising, given that studies have made it clear that marijuana has less addictive properties than alcohol or opiates. However, the study allows for more public awareness of the use of marijuana compared to the use of opiates and alcohol.

Making informed choices

taking over jar Pills And Booze Are Out   Cannabis Is Taking Over
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This study shows that more and more people are making informed decisions about what they choose to use recreationally and medicinally. All the studies that have been conducted over the years are having an effect on people, allowing them to choose more sensibly what they use in their bodies.

Legalization in the USA and other parts of the world has encouraged this movement towards healthier, more effective solutions for health problems. But it is also extremely positive to see people making the move from recreational drug and alcohol use to marijuana.