If you are planning your next holiday and you are a marijuana enthusiast, then you’re probably looking at prices of weed around the world. The price of marijuana in the world changes drastically from place to place and becomes the point of a lot of marijuana tourism around the world.

In most of the world, marijuana has to be purchased illegally, and so there is a lot of factors to consider when you are buying your weed. In countries where it is not yet legal, there is no regulation of quality and so there are a few things you should think about before going to buy weed in a foreign country.

We have compiled a list of places in the world where it is the most expensive to buy weed, so you can be prepared for the cost of your marijuana indulgent holiday!

5. Iceland

price iceland Who Has The Most Expensive Weed In The World?
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Iceland comes in fifth on the world’s list of most expensive places to buy weed. It costs around USD$25.50 to buy a gram of marijuana there. The population is small in Iceland, and this often contributes to high prices for marijuana. Less demand, less supply!

4. Estonia

price estonia Who Has The Most Expensive Weed In The World?
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Harsh cannabis laws in Estonia mean that marijuana is not just expensive, but it is really hard to find. Although having a small amount qualifies as only a misdemeanor, locals would rather not take the risk. A gram of marijuana in Estonia costs on average, USD$25.80 a gram.

3. Cyprus

price cyprus Who Has The Most Expensive Weed In The World?
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The cost for a gram of bud in Cyprus is the same as Estonia, at USD$25.80 per gram. Again, this country is another island in the Mediterranean Sea and getting marijuana across a boat isn’t easy! So be prepared to spend a lot of money if you want to get high every day on the sandy beaches of Cyprus.

2. Malta

price malta Who Has The Most Expensive Weed In The World?
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Malta is home to the second most expensive place in Europe to buy marijuana. It cashes in at around USD$32.20 per gram and attributes its hefty price to most likely the same reason as Ireland. Malta is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and until now does not have legal marijuana.

1. Ireland

price ireland Who Has The Most Expensive Weed In The World?

Ireland takes the cake as having the most expensive weed in the whole of Europe. On a gram by gram basis, marijuana is worth about USD$33.50.

The overinflated price for marijuana in Ireland probably has a lot to do with the fact that it is an island (hard to smuggle marijuana into) and it is the home to only 6 million people.

For all of you out there on a budget who want to smoke weed while you travel, don’t be alarmed. There are places in the world where you can buy marijuana cheaper than you can imagine.

At just over $1 in Uruguay per gram, and even less than $1 per gram in Bolivia, you can afford to smoke until your heart is content!

Just make sure you do your research in terms of legal boundaries before you run off in search of weed in a foreign country!

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