Legalization in the marijuana department is becoming an entirely new platform for businesses to profit out of the growing marijuana culture. Businesses have been particularly creative this time, tailoring impeccably to the needs of those that participate in the marijuana culture.

The newest way to buy your weed, and even obtain a prescription for it in California is going to be online. And it´s going to be easier than ordering a pizza.

The marijuana tech side explained

delivery tech Buying Marijuana Will Soon Be Easy As Ordering A Pizza
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The tech start-up of the cannabis industry is starting with a company called HelloMD. This company is designed to make it easy and efficient for you to obtain your weed. Their vision is that going to a doctor´s office and waiting in line is an antique way of dealing with things, and their target audience is looking for something easier than that.

So here is how it works. After filling out your personal details on their website, it´s time to give a brief description of your symptoms. For example, if you have difficulty sleeping, you would simply state that. You are then connected to a doctor who can communicate with you online through HelloMD.

An interview with them might only last a few minutes. Then she will email you what is the equivalent of a prescription for marijuana, and you are halfway to getting a bag of medical cannabis. This is how you get legally licensed to get medical weed in California without stepping outside of your home.

Other pioneers in the marijuana web space include Weedmaps. It is a directory for weed if you will. Through Weedmaps, you can find out which dispensaries in your area will deliver weed to your house. When you find the one, it´s as simple as emailing an image if your identification along with the prescription that was emailed to you from HD. They often stock paraphernalia that you can purchase online, too.

Sometimes it only takes one hour for someone to come knocking on your door with your delivery of fresh weed, and maybe a new piece. And this is how you get marijuana delivered to your door in California.

Pandora´s box of marijuana online

delivery fedex Buying Marijuana Will Soon Be Easy As Ordering A Pizza
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Every time there is something new for investors to jump onto, they do it viciously. The marijuana industry is no exception. Another company named Meadow, only started one year ago, is looking at creating an entire online platform for the marijuana industry. Their endeavor is to create an entire “seed-to-sale” functional online system. It will allow for a large portion of the industry to run their operations digitally.

This move in the industry allows for a much more efficient and simpler experience in terms of purchasing marijuana. The ability to work digitally would also allow growers much more efficiency in their exchanges.

Setbacks of going online

subscription feature Buying Marijuana Will Soon Be Easy As Ordering A Pizza

There are legal hurdles to overcome if the marijuana industry wants to go forward with this, just like there has been with every other step along the way. This is because at a federal level it is still illegal, which might make interstate relationships difficult.

This method also makes it much easier for marijuana to flow between hands. This, of course, makes it more difficult to manage the regulation of the product. This is especially true because it has not been legalized all over the country yet, and different states have different boundaries around their marijuana laws.

There is still quite some ambiguity in terms of marijuana crossing borders into states where it is only legalized to a certain degree, or rather not legalized at all. This is another hurdle that has to be overcome if the cannabis industry keeps moving in this direction.

This new initiative in the marijuana industry does, however, force governments to look into what is going to be acceptable in this circumstance and to take considerations. This is always a good thing because it helps the cannabis industry move forward with its initiative.