You´re standing nervously there, in the office of the vet. Your dog is displaying some concerning symptoms, maybe even frothing at the mouth a little. Okay. You can admit to yourself that you´re ashamed your dog ate your weed. But are you going to admit it to your vet? You have to be that guy now… who was too lazy to hide his stash, and whose dog ended up sick from eating an ounce.

Kelsey Beth writes this funny song about someone´s dog who eats weed. She sings about the shame of admitting to whoever it is you´re admitting to that your dog got into to your stash.

She tells you not to hide behind your shame! Don´t blame it on the neighbor´s kids or say that your dog got sick on his walk. All anyone wants to do his help your furry friend. There´s no use hiding behind the shame anyway. Because it´s easy to see that your dog ate weed!

PS… If your dog really does eat weed

If your dog really does it weed, please take it to the vet! Tell the vet he ate a bunch of weed (shamelessly) because, well, no one in that circumstance really cares about your fling with Mary Jane! They just want your pup to get better. Plus, it isn´t in a vet´s job description to call the police. Just get your dog well!

Check out her song: