We asked around, and guess what – people still say the darnedest things when they are high. Check out the second installment of “Things People Say When High”, it’s sure to give you a few Thanksgiving Eve laughs.

1. Understanding the English Language

“Is the “s” or the “c” silent in the word scent?

Why do our feet smell, and our nose runs?

2. Don’t waste weed

sayings cashed 10 Things People Say When High. Vol 2

“if it’s black put it back, if it’s grey throw it away”

3. Using “Dank” to describe everything

sayings dank 10 Things People Say When High. Vol 2

“That song is dank dude”

“Yeah so is this herb duuuuuude!”

 4. Word plays

  “I love weed so much, I tried to marry Juana”

“Let’s doob it”

5. “Dude”

“I’m a dude, you’re a dude, he’s a dude, and she’s a dude—we are all dudes!”

6. “You want to hit this?”

“You want to hit this—(sandwich, drink, chair, or… joint?)”

7. “You got any weed?”

The prerequisite for any stoner hangout.

8. “Dude, did you hear that?”

Marijuana has been known to increase the senses, also paranoia – don’t worry that little noise was not the cops!

9. Cough Cough Cough!

If coughing were a form of speech, all stoners would know at least 2 languages fluently

10. The first timer

sayings first 10 Things People Say When High. Vol 2

“Dude, how will I know I am high?”

“Am I high yet”

“Ohhhh shiiiiiiit”

sayings danksgiving 10 Things People Say When High. Vol 2

Happy “Danksgiving” everyone! Tell us some of your favorite stonerisms on social media.