The High Times 2015 Cannabis World Cup was hosted in Jamaica, a psychedelic sea of colors and music. To be there would probably have been a dream, to share in cannabis culture in a part of the world where it has been used for thousands of years.

This year’s Cannabis Cup was a true spectacle, held on the sandy beaches of Jamaica. People flocked from all over the world for this marijuana culture event.

Hosted in the Rastafarian capital of the world

cannabis cup rastas Must See Highlights from the 2015 World Cannabis Cup

Being hosted in Jamaica, this year’s world cup was not just a trade show for products and ganja gadgets. It was a complete immersion of drums, dancing, music and color. The local Rastafari took the stage to talk about marijuana culture in their country and to share in some of their traditions.

They shared their music with the marijuana culture of the world and their tribal dances. The event was a spectacle of marijuana products and marijuana strains. Check out this video to get a glimpse of the highlights of the 2015 High Times Cannabis World Cup.