This bakery in Denver, Colorado, has taken weed brownies to the next level. The bakery is called Love’s Oven, and the owner of the bakery is looking to create fine dining that combines weed as well. Basically, these are no ordinary cookies or brownies. They are delicious, finely produced sweet delicacies that also excite the cannabis lover inside you.

They make cookies and brownies for both medical and recreational use, and even sell their beautiful cannabis cookies on a wholesale scale.

Five-star cookies

bakery cookies This Bakery Takes Weed Brownies To Next Level
Photo credit: Dobizlo

Executive chef of Loves Oven, Hope Frahm, says she came into the industry because she wanted to bring her fine dining experience into the cannabis world. She comes from a history of French pastry, and makes everything from scratch. So all of her products are natural and organically produced.

Of course, the cannabis makes it into her beautiful cookies through butter. They have a farm that they collect their cannabis from, and make their own organic butter. She says every cookie is made with love, and that’s why this bakery stands out from the rest! She also says that there’s no way someone could eat a whole tray, because they are really strong cookies!

You can watch the video about this bakery in Denver, and maybe it’s time to pay a visit!