Even Xzibit likes to get down and dirty with a bag of weed, in the home of weed itself, Amsterdam. Well, everyone goes to Amsterdam to get away from their daily stresses for a while, and hit up a big fat bag of weed!

Xzibit calls himself the “master of ceremony” in this video, celebrating his ceremony with a bag of weed and some tea, and there ain’t nothing wrong with it!

Xzibit and his friends are properly blazed

This video is a proper spectacle of a group of super high Americans in an Amsterdam cafe. Apart from being in hysterical laughter for the entire duration of the video, Xzibit can’t stop going on about how much weed there is on the table!

It seems that Amsterdam would get Xzibit’s tick of approval as he describes the place as “refreshing, contagious and jazzy man!” Check out the video below, of Xzibit blazing up a greenhouse in Amsterdam.