Zig Zag rolling papers have been around since 1879 as a staple of the roll your own cultures. You may think a brand that is over 100 years old has got to be putting out a great quality product, but buyer beware.

Zig Zag rolling papers are really not as awesome as you think – their continued existence is probably more a function of habitual buyers than pleased customers.

What the heck are all those chemicals?

zig papers Why Zig Zag Papers Arent As Awesome As You Think
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So, Zig Zag papers are awesome, right? They come in nice orange packets with a savvy looking bearded man staring back at you, but most important of all—they are sold everywhere, like to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised to see them for sale in a church.

These popular papers have a dirty little secret—their ingredients. The papers are made with bleach, flax, and wood pulp. Bleach is probably the most concerning ingredient, it is responsible for giving those papers their nice white look. So yeah, you are smoking bleach if you use Zig Zags, nuff said.

Zig Zags are great for emergencies, so durable and always available. I like to compare their durability to that of notebook paper. Nothing better than rolling up some haze in the pages of your homework, oops just kidding they’re Zig Zags.


zig money Why Zig Zag Papers Arent As Awesome As You Think
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The ancient brand of papers sells for around $2 a pack online, but if you come upon them in a gas station or head shop you will likely pay closer to $4. There are plenty of other paper options that are A) cheaper and B) made with all natural ingredients—no bleach. It seems that the only thing Zig Zag has changed over the years is their price.

The Rolling Paper Lobby

Apparently the parent company of Zig Zag, North Atlantic Operating Company, spends a great deal of money to influence legislators in Washington D.C. Their mission is to create legislation that bans all other types of rolling papers—except theirs. On one hand, most industries have the same behavior, but on the other hand do they really think there is a chance that the government will outlaw natural hemp papers? It’s possible, we are talking about the same federal government that criminalized marijuana.

Roll it up

Rolling Joint Why Zig Zag Papers Arent As Awesome As You Think

Folks, you have rolling paper options. I know that heading out to find your preferred papers can be a nuisance sometimes, but try to plan ahead. There are plenty of places online that you can order papers right to your door, and they are often cheaper. If you are concerned about your health or your wallet, Zig Zags are not right for you.

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