It´s like the sneaky cannabis plant can slither its way into any industry, because low and behold – you can now say “I do” with weed. The first ever wedding expo of its kind will occur in Denver on 17 January, exhibiting companies who want to participate in organizing cannabis friendly weddings. Yes, weddings with weed are now a thing.

The organizers of this event are planning a full blown wedding expo, including weed friendly caterers, florists and venue locations. They are allowing weed onsite, so you can step out for a joint in between networking!

“It’s been a part of almost every party and event scene, so why not incorporate it?”

weddings samples Say I Do With Weed   Weddings With Cannabis Are Now A Thing
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The idea world first marijuana-centered wedding expo was dreamed up by Bec Koop, owner of Cannabis Concierge Events and Philip Wolf, the founder of Cultivating Spirits. As far as we are aware, there has never been an event like the one that is about to be hosted in Denver.

Bec Koop says that it´s pointless to exclude marijuana from the party, when there is almost always at least one person sneaking out to the car park to smoke a bowl. “So let’s be honest — it’s always been there, it’s been a part of almost every party and event scene, so why not incorporate it?” Koop said in an interview with The Cannabist.

The vision of a cannabis wedding is pioneering in the industry to say the least. Weddings have long since been events where alcohol is glorified, and every table has a bottle of whisky and a bottle of wine on it.

It has probably been common practice at weddings for people to sneak off and indulge in other mind altering substances. So with the legalization movement happening rapidly around the USA, why not encourage cannabis friendly weddings for those who prefer to throw a stoner party rather than an all out alcohol bash?

Cannabis edibles, cannabis alcohol, cannabis flowers!

weddings flower Say I Do With Weed   Weddings With Cannabis Are Now A Thing
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The expo expects to cover all the regular categories that one would usually see at a wedding expo. That means there will be vendors selling cannabis wedding cuisine, cannabis alcohol ideas and flowers decorated in cannabis. This expo is designed to allow those full blown cannabis enthusiasts to shout out their love of weed, or for those who would like to incorporate it in more subtle ways.

“We’re finding the right vendors and venues and people who are at least open-minded to cannabis and finding the ways that people are allowed to incorporate it and enjoy it — ice bongs, vape stations, bud bars, pre-loaded bowls, joints, whatever the circumstances may be,” Bec Koop said.

Koop is also a 420-friendly florist, saying that marijuana can be incorporated into bouquets in very subtle and sophisticated ways. She says it is becoming increasingly popular in the wedding industry for people to want to incorporate cannabis somehow.

Koop also said that there will be vendors entertaining cannabis cuisine and cannabis infused alcohol ideas. The idea is to work cannabis into the wedding menu, but did mention that advice would come with safety precautions about mixing alcohol and cannabis.

There are still openings for vendors!

weddings vendors Say I Do With Weed   Weddings With Cannabis Are Now A Thing
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As well as an opportunity to network and plan your cannabis wedding, there will be several other entertaining factors to enjoy. The venue hosting the event will be the Point Gallery, and its owner will give a speech about why he prefers marijuana to alcohol at parties. There will brides and grooms to be also giving speeches about how they are going to plan their marijuana nuptials.

There is also the opportunity for you to sell your own cannabis wedding idea. There are still spaces available at the January ‘weeding’ expo, meaning that those out there that have a cannabis wedding idea still have time to set up a space there.