There’s a reason this video reads the world as “big” (in quotations). If you’re stressed about something or ever think for a second that you are the center of the universe, watch this video. Mind. Is. Blown.

For some people, it can be difficult to actually imagine how minuscule we are in comparison to the universe. This video helps us to visualize just how big (or really, just how small) we are in comparison to the hundreds of billions of galaxies that surround us. Let’s just say that minuscule is a drastic understatement…

How big is the Largest Star We Know Of?

Just in case you haven’t brushed up on your 3rd grade astronomy, or you’re super baked in preparation for this trippy space video, let us refresh your memory: Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It’s twice the size of all the other planets in our solar system – combined. Now imagine this, the sun is approximately 10 times the size of Jupiter.

The largest star known to humans (at the time of this video) is 1,420 times the sun’s radius. Yes, the number 420 is a coincidence, and yes it’s a good reason to spark one. As mentioned in this video, that means that a commercial jet going 900km/hr would take 1100 years just to circle the star – once!

Several hundred billion stars form our galaxy, which is one in over 100 billion galaxies. I can’t even comprehend how many stars are in the universe based on these numbers alone. What’s most crazy about this statistic? This is only according to the best estimates from astronomers, so chances are the true outcome could vary greatly from this number. That may be difficult to comprehend, so we recommend you sit back and watch the video below to have a better idea of what sort of space we are talking about here.

Prepare to have your mind blown (and feel really, really, small..):