Visual Capitalist just released wonderful news on an infographic that was published recently which says that 52% of the North American population have access to legal medical marijuana.

The information is exciting, as it shows that more than half of the people north of Mexico are supportive of, and living peacefully with the idea of medical marijuana. It also means that marijuana is winning the war on drugs, with more people now living in states where it has been legalized.

More than half of America is weed friendly

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The shift in perspective hasn´t taken long, with medical marijuana being legalized in Hawaii about 15 years ago and in California about a decade ago. At the time, it was groundbreaking law reform occurring in the USA, with medical marijuana being available to only a handful of the American population. Since then, the marijuana legalization movement has reached the point of complete legalization in some states.

Now, Visual Capitalist has confirmed in their tally of states in North America, and the country of Canada, that now 52% of the population are living in medical marijuana-friendly states. 24 states including Hawaii (which Visual Capitalist neglected to include in their tally) have now legalized medical marijuana. Colorado and Oregon are among these states, which have completely decriminalized marijuana altogether. However, medical marijuana expands further than this across the USA, with some states legalizing CBD only marijuana, anther type of medical marijuana. These states were not included in the tally.

The country of Canada has a national medical marijuana program, making it available to mostly the entire country. That means that for the continent of North America, 184 million people are living in weed-friendly zones, according to this recent publication.

How long will it take for prohibitionists to realize they have lost?

fifty pres Medical Marijuana Now Available To 52% Of North America!
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When you really consider that most of the American population has gone from a completely prohibitionist perspective to a completely liberal one in less than a decade, it seems astounding. Ten years ago the entire concept of marijuana legalization was barely on the tips of peoples tongues, and now it is effectively a way of life for half of the American population.

With the movement rippling its way through the continent this quickly, it seems that prohibitionists have lost the race. Despite their continued pressure to try and stifle the shift in perspective, it has taken up a momentum of its own. It´s impossible to say how much longer they will continue the fight, but it is becoming more and more evident that they have lost the battle. We are inevitably nearing closer and closer to the end of the war on drugs, and it seems that drugs have won.

Check out the infographic here

 Medical Marijuana Now Available To 52% Of North America!

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 Medical Marijuana Now Available To 52% Of North America!