As if marijuana delivery wasn´t good enough – well it just got classy, too. The newest and classiest way to get quality marijuana delivered is called Flow Kana.

It is a personal, practical and quality guaranteed service that gets marijuana fresh from farms in the Emerald Triangle delivered straight to your door in less than half an hour. It almost seems too good to be true, right?

Order it from your iPhone

classy phone This Is The Classiest Cannabis Weve Seen
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You can order from a variety of strains of marijuana from Flow Kana´s website, or you can order it from the Flow Kana application on your iPhone. The way that it works is that customers can order whichever strain they like, in whatever quantity they like. Once it has been paid for, the event is assigned to one of Flow Kana´s many drivers that are on the road. The product is usually delivered within 20 minutes.

Michael Steinmetz, CEO of Flow Kana, says that customers should be able to say,”I´m a good father. I´m a good parent. I´m a good husband. I´m a good worker. And you know what? I also smoke cannabis.”

Committed to quality weed

classy jar This Is The Classiest Cannabis Weve Seen
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These guys are committed to delivering quality weed to you. All their strains of marijuana come in a little jar packaged with what is in it, what it does and where it comes from. Michael Steinmetz is dedicated to delivering this to customers because he says marijuana deserves it and the customers deserve it.

He says that customers ought to know and deserve to know whether their marijuana is coming from a farm that is supporting a family or a drug cartel in Mexico. (Although if it weren´t for strict drug laws, there would not be men selling marijuana for the Mexican drug cartels to support their families!)

Flow Kana´s most popular strain at the moment is the Island Sweet Skunk. Their business is growing 60% a month, every month at the moment and are delivering to thousands of customers a week.

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