Well, we are definitely very happy to say that advocating marijuana has now made it to TV, but unfortunately, it is a little bit lame.

Well, they tried, but they didn’t succeed at making this commercial as cool as all the beer commercials out there.

Less hangovers, less calories!

The commercial displays at the very least some of the reasons why people should choose marijuana over alcohol, including the fact that it doesn´t cause hangovers and isn’t linked to violence or reckless behavior. The advertising attempt also appeals to those trying to control their weight, advising everyone that marijuana contains less calories than alcohol.

Okay, so it isn´t the fanciest advertisement, and definitely doesn’t compare to some of the vodka commercials out there, but it says what it needs to say.

Nonetheless, it’s still a win for the marijuana industry that marijuana advertising has made it to television!

Check out the video…