In this short documentary as part of their “Weediquette” series, Vice goes into the implications of legalization on the market, and how to include stoned moms into the picture.

Their featured mom Jessica wants to be a stoned mom and Vice show her what’s what about weed in Colorado. Jessica gets to walk through grow houses and dispensaries and even gets to buy legal marijuana for the first time in her life.

It’s clear that it’s time for the marijuana industry to start expanding their marketing prerogatives to include everyone, including people who want to start smoking again. Jessica says she wants to start smoking weed again as a safe, recreational substance but doesn’t now where to start.

lighting up Moms Knows Best And Now They Say Weed Is Good
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Vice explores the necessity for products in the market to be tailored to the needs of the regular mom. Jessica says she’s scared to get too stoned, and so is looking for a more gentle weed. She says strains like Death Star OG don’t attract people who are a little bit older, but a strain like the Black Sugar Rose is accessible and sounds like a name for champagne.

She said she has been hesitant to have chocolates or edibles in the house because of the fear her children will find them and eat them.

Check out the video to see how Vice use Jessica as a virtual tour through what is required of the marijuana market if they are going to include everyone!