Welcome back to another edition of Glass Of The Week. My mission is to share with you some of the most amazing, unusual, hilarious, exotic, elaborate, elegant, and eerie pieces of glass from around the globe.

But because there is just SO MUCH AWESOME out there, I’ve decided to share a bigger selection every week. The more the merrier, right? So check out some of these otherworldly designs and enjoy Master Piece Theater, Vol. 2!

Don’t you love how that sweet, savory Herb can get you so high it sends you into the stratosphere? Well, bust out the tin foil hats and some Alien OG, because these glass masterpieces are out of this world!

glass space baby 1 Touch Of Glass #2. Alien Invasion

glass space baby Touch Of Glass #2. Alien Invasion

Straight out of Area 51, this guy has been in Federal custody longer than Jeff Mizanskey, just for swinging by Earth for some of our finest interstellar export. Now he sits in a glass chamber, waiting for his daily ration of herb. With a breathing mask, and floating in a telepathy-cancelling gelatin, he waits…

glass perc Touch Of Glass #2. Alien Invasion glass perc 1 Touch Of Glass #2. Alien Invasion

This evil guy on the other hand, is the scourge of galaxies far, far away, and he has the munchies… For everything. Smoke with him at your own peril, because he may just eat you! Keep him pacified with some Romulan Kush, and you just might live to smoke another day. Something very H. P. Lovecraft about this terror from beyond… Sinister.

glass alien invasion Touch Of Glass #2. Alien Invasion

Here they come! They are here, and they are scooping up the population, so cloud up those tractor beams with some milky smoke, and watch those folks literally go up in smoke. This piece would rest on my bookshelf, next to some great sci-fi novels.

glass adam Touch Of Glass #2. Alien Invasion glass adam 1 Touch Of Glass #2. Alien Invasion

An homage to aliens, the pyramids, Egyptian god’s, and the human spirit, this piece gives one many things to ponder… Load up the Pharaoh’s favorite Herb and watch some Ancient Aliens! I have a couple friends who probably doing this right now. You know who you are.

No trip to outer space would be complete without the baddest of the bad, xenomorphs! Sigourney Weaver would have flashbacks if you tried to smoke her out with this facehugger in a jar. Big bad Mommy is watching protectively, so you better load it with enough for her entire brood!

glass alien movie 1 Touch Of Glass #2. Alien Invasion

glass alien movie Touch Of Glass #2. Alien Invasion

If you love fantasizing about a new addition to your collection, finding the perfect piece of glass to express your personal character, or just oogling some really cool glass, check us out every week as we pick pieces based on a new theme or by a particular artist. If you have a theme you would love to see, let me know!

If you have a theme you would love to see, let us know!