Since Ronald Regan, the US government has been trying to convince people that the most reliable scientific sources say permanent brain damage is inevitable as a result of marijuana use. Well, it’s all BS!

Truth of the experiment revealed!

brain monkey Does Marijuana Kill Brain Cells?
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The experiment that the US government obtained this information from was a total hoax. 6 years after the experiment, the truth came out about how it was conducted. They pumped monkeys with 53 Colombian strength joints through a gas mask over five minutes, and did this every day.

Naturally, with not enough oxygen and that much smoke being administered through a gas mask, some of the monkeys became atrophy and died.

After 90 days, the monkeys that were given marijuana were found to have more dead brain cells.

Well, since this research, there has been a tremendous amount more on the effect of marijuana on the brain. And rest assured, marijuana does not kill your brain cells!

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