Seth Rogen’s latest adventure involves going to Amsterdam and literally getting so high that he ended up in Paris. After the filming of his new movie, he decided to go out and celebrate with some friends. He shares the story on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

“I did so many drugs I wound up in another country”

Seth Rogen explains how a normal mushroom trip for him might involve eating 3 or so grams of dried mushrooms, and tripping heavily for 5 hours. But in Amsterdam, they sell the mushrooms completely fresh.

So, Seth Rogen and his buddy proceed to buy 60 grams of mushrooms, convincing themselves that it is all water weight. Their trip starts in a grocery store, after which they both receive the impulse to “get the hell out of Amsterdam”.

Off they went to the train station to buy tickets to Paris, and Seth Rogen admits that he did so many drugs he wound up in another country!

Check out the video of him chatting with Jimmy Kimmel!