January is here, and so is Star Wars! Few movies can claim such a devoted fan base or plethora of merchandise. So in honor of the recently released Episode 7, I am here to present some of the coolest glass pieces to pay homage to the Force. Enjoy this touch of glass loaded with some Skywalker OG. If you can’t find any, you must be looking in Alderaan places…


r2d2 1 A Touch Of Glass: Star Wars
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The first piece is my favorite character, the robot with a mouth so foul, they bleeped out every word he said, R2D2! The chest is clear, great for filling up with white smoke, and while this isn’t an especially elaborate piece, neither was the robot. It has the little details that make it stand out as a great likeness. What I love about this dab rug, besides the interchangeable bowls, is that it is a reliable, go-to piece, great for travel.

The Deathstar

deathstar A Touch Of Glass: Star Wars
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The epic of evil bases, the moon of doom, it’s the Deathstar. I love the details of the fighters and even the Millennium Falcon flying around this piece! Plus having a planet destroying laser blasting sweet smoke into your lungs is a nice thought.

Check out the closeup of the Imperial Cruiser and the Millennium Falcon! Rebel fighter circle, looking for an opening. It’s a great movie moment. This piece, as well as the R2D2, were made by… Wait for it… Empire Glass. Check out some of their pieces at


yoda 1 A Touch Of Glass: Star Wars
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Yoda, the wisest of the Jedi, meditating above an Imperial fighter. The swampy growth of his home planet is well captured. However, if you look on the back, inside the percolation chamber, Darth Vader awaits.


ship 1 A Touch Of Glass: Star Wars
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This ship is rocking too! I am a huge fan of mixed media pieces, especially glass pieces electroplated with copper. The details are off the charts, and the aging of the copper makes the bong that much more impressive. For bonus points, comment on this article and tell us where this ship was seen and the name of it. Fair warning, there are literally scores of flying ships in the entire saga.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett A Touch Of Glass: Star Wars
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A serious threat, and an awesome fighter, with tricks for days, Boba Fett, genetically cloned “son” of Jango Fett, is a force to be reckoned with. His helmet is recognizable even to many who haven’t seen the movies, and the detail on this masterful face piece is an homage worthy of his legacy.

Let’s face it, we know those Storm Troopers are really, really bored.

stormtroopers A Touch Of Glass: Star Wars
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“Oh yeah! Hit that thing like the side of a tree on the forest moon of Endor! “

Which of these awesome glass pieces is your favorite? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.