Want to see for yourself why cannabis should be legal instead of alcohol? All you have to do is watch this video of what new year’s eve looks like through the eyes of a bouncer.

It’s almost a complete mystery that cannabis is illegal while alcohol is legal when cannabis almost never encourages this kind of behavior.

Swearing, fighting and violence

street view Ban Booze, Not Buds!
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All of the people in this video are intoxicated with alcohol and acting completely irrationally. Most of them are swearing at or threatening to fight with the bouncers. None of them are showing any signs of intelligence, and it’s clear that this is all the effect of alcohol.

Cannabis, on the other hand, makes people want to eat a lot and laugh. A stoner never wants to get into a fight, and if they find themselves in that circumstance they are usually trying to laugh it off. Or the fight is over the last slice of pizza.

After watching this video, you’ll probably agree that cannabis should be legal instead of alcohol!

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