This video is a short history on the complete criminalization of marijuana in the USA. There are probably more factors than you think that went into making marijuana illegal, and the most important one is racism.

There is argument that even the word cannabis was replaced with marijuana to try and make it sound more Mexican. This would generate some racial stigma associated with marijuana.

The real history

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Then came all of the politics. Reefer Madness (a propaganda film) was released, then official criminalization in the Marijuana Tax Act. By the time the 70s arrived, Nixon had declared the war on drugs and it became a Schedule I drug. Even the baby boomers who worked so hard to reduce some of the stigma associated with marijuana couldn’t maintain it. They became parents and then told their children not to smoke the precious herb they once loved.

The arrests became almost impossible to keep up with, flooding American prisons. The policies continued to get harsher, and they continued under Bush, Clinton and well into the Obama administration. It’s almost four times more likely that a black person will be arrested for marijuana use or possession than a white person, despite the same rate of usage.

Now… there is a change coming. We are in the legalization age!

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