Cannabis edibles are a delicious and wonderful way to reap both medicinal and recreational effects in the body.

Creating edibles at home should be done with reverence as there is both an art and science to the creation of these tasty morsels. When made correctly, edibles can become a huge part of your daily diet which can be enjoyed through both savory and sweet foods.

Understand the basics

cookies Intro To Edibles and Why You Should Try Them
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A person may be an old pro at smoking cannabis, but when first breaking into cutting­-edge food infusions, understanding the basics is key to your enjoyable edible experience. It helps people know when, why and where an edible option might be the preferred choice.

This video from PRØHBTD’s Learn Channel will guide you onto the path of cannabis edible making and consumption, including ideal dosage levels, safety precautions, what to expect from edible highs and what to do if you eat too much. With this knowledge, you will be able to start your journey through the world of edibles with confidence and ease.