Access to marijuana is increasing around the world and bong-makers are trying to cash in on the growing market of smokers. The anatomy of a bong has thus become a bit more complicated as glass makers are coming up with new accessories and attachments for your smoking devices. So, lets take a look at the 2016 anatomy of the bong.

To start, you’ve got your bong. Bongs come in many shapes and sizes but essentially they do the same thing. You have your water reservoir, the shaft, and then the bowl that slides in and out to control your smoke intake.


percolator The Anatomy of a Modern Bong
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The percolator can either be attached to the exterior of the bong, or it can be built into the smoking shaft. Percolators provide an extra level of diffusion and filtration.

Ash Catchers

ashcatcher The Anatomy of a Modern Bong
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The ash catcher is attached to the outside of the bong at its joint. Ash catchers are used to provide an extra level of percolation as well as to prevent any ash from reaching your main filtration chamber. Furthermore, when using an ash catcher while smoking concentrates, you are not directly applying the heat to your bong—a bit of added protection.

Joint Gender

hot bongs The Anatomy of a Modern Bong
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Just like many electronic cords, bong attachments have genders. You generally insert a male attachment into the bongs joint, and then match female attachments to the male or vice versa. The gauge of your attachments will help you to determine what gender you are dealing with.


precooler The Anatomy of a Modern Bong
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The precooler attachment is a great addition to straight beaker style bongs that often produce hot and less filtered smoke. When you use a precooler you are running your smoke through an extra water filtration, thus cooling it down before hitting the main chamber and ultimately your lungs. Precoolers are also similar to ash catchers.


adapter The Anatomy of a Modern Bong
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Bong adapters are great for pairing male and female accessories. If you have two male attachments and don’t feel like shelling out the money to get a matching gender, adapters are the way to go.


bowls The Anatomy of a Modern Bong
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Hopefully, you know this one already. Bowls can be male or female, big or small, clear or colored, and so on. The bowl is where you pack your herb and get the party started.

Drop Downs

dropdown The Anatomy of a Modern Bong
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A drop down is another type of adapter. When you begin to attach many accessories to your bong it can become heavy. The drop down brings your attachments closer to the surface that the bong rests on and makes it easier to smoke a heavily accessorized piece of glass.

Ice Catcher

ice catcher The Anatomy of a Modern Bong
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Many of us like to cool down our smoke and to do so we add ice to the bong chamber. Ice catchers can be built into the bong chamber or added after. They essentially provide a barrier between the chamber and the reservoir that will store ice. When you pull the smoke through the water it will then hit the ice and be nice and cool for your lungs.


oil dome The Anatomy of a Modern Bong
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Glass domes are used in smoking concentrates. They are a bulb like structure that surrounds your nail. The dome is helpful in controlling your concentrate vapor/smoke by directing it down to your water filter.


reclaimer The Anatomy of a Modern Bong
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The reclaimer is a great way to catch the potentially wasted oil or resin that can congest your bong and bowl. Reclaimers are a glass attachment that stores excess oil and resin that you can (if you want) re-smoke or re-use later.

Hopefully this bong anatomy lesson cleared some things up for you!

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